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Exciting Food Service Features

We are proud of our efforts at SRJC and SRJC Petaluma. We are always looking to update our offerings, following and sometimes setting industry trends. Here are two of the things we do everyday to make both campuses a better place.

Thanksgiving Coffee

You can find Thanksgiving Coffee at the Emeritus Kiosk on campus (Map). We have teamed with Thanksgiving Coffee because of there long standing commitment to fair trade, orgnainc coffee. Based out of Fort Bragg, Ca Thanksgiving is a natural fit. Join us at the Emeritus Kiosk and taste the difference a cup of  coffee can make in your day.

Shone Farms Produce

Local is something that Fresh & Natural Food Service is proud of. We currently work with SRJC's Shone Farms to offer local, sustainable and organic produce.

Re-Usable Mugs

Comming Soon....

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